David R. Hawkins, MD., Ph.D., who has been mentioned in this blog is recognized world-wide as a leading teacher of the way to Enlightenment. His extensive background included 50 years experience in psychiatry. He was an acknowledged leader in research on the nature of consciousness and presented lectures worldwide until his death in 2012.

In his 2006 book, TRANSCENDING THE LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS The Stairway To Enlightenment, 297, Dr. Hawkins mentions that seventy-eight percent of the world’s population is below the calibration level 200. 200 is considered the level of INTEGRITY. 200 is the theoretical level or degree on the Hawkins Map Of Consciousness where we gain the COURAGE to be honest with ourselves and others. We start our real spiritual journey and what it is to be truly human at 200. The quote below from this book explains a severe delusional state that people below the level of INTEGRITY and COURAGE or 200 can fall into:

It is not uncommon for people to destroy their entire lives in defense of nonintegrous fallacies that are carefully nurtured and clung to about themselves, others and the world. Self-deception is an innate defect of the ego/mind, which, without the light of spiritual truth, is self-reinforcing, resulting in destructive consequences that preclude actual happiness. The victim is unable to discern pleasure (derived from the negativity) from actual happiness, which is really unknown by such people. This pathological complex is so strongly defended that people actually choose to die rather than give it up or even question it’s self-defeating premises. Fortuitously, this vicious cycle is sometimes interrupted by a confrontational life crisis that ends up being a blessing in disguise. 343-344.

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