Let us not misconstrue the “ground floor” for Divine Union with full sanctity.

Christianity calls the alchemy of the ego merging with Universal Consciousness Divine Union. Yoga calls this merging of the ego with Universal Consciousness realizing the Universal Self. Now, let us use the theoretical David R. Hawkins Map of Consciousness as a guide for this understanding. A person who has undergone the interior merger or alchemy of opposites for ego merging with Universal Consciousness sees and knows the Universal Self in everybody. A person at this level sees and knows where others are obstructed from Universal Consciousness. This is the 700 level or “ground floor” for what is called Enlightenment on the Hawkins Map. It is most definite that humanity has the potential to eventually evolve and collectively exist at 700. You are not perfect at 700. 700 is the “ground floor” starting point for growing higher in vibration to level 1000 on the Map where Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus Christ existed. The reason many gurus and saintly people got themselves into trouble is that they were not perfect as many of them came off to be. In other words, they were not fully sanctified.

POWER VS. FORCE, 2002, 68-69, David R. Hawkins,

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