The teacher of Enlightenment, Jesus, as The Word, is guiding us to understand each other. Self-Realization is the state of consciousness, or of being, where we achieve our natural state of peace. The Gospel of Thomas has much to offer us for realizing our natural state of being. Within our natural state of peace comes a profound sense of relief because we truly better understand each other. The mystic, Paul, in Philippians 4:6-7 KJV attempts to convey through the limited use of language how we can achieve our natural state of peace. Paul is conveying the peace that comes with the state of Self-Realization. Paul is not theorizing here or parroting what someone else told him. Paul knows. Self-Realization carries the vibration of consciousness where we know the reality of the interior life that we all share. The achieved state of Self-Realization shows us that we all have the same Self in our different bodies and in knowing this further reach of our human nature we no longer seem or feel separate from each other. We are comforted when we know this realization. We further realize how much we are like each other. We become relieved away from our sense of being separate from each other. This is the SUPREME REALIZATION OF OUR NATURE where we truly understand each other. We become clear-seeing and knowing. Our Universal Mind becomes clear to us. Paul encourages by pointing the way: Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known onto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

The “peace which passeth all understanding” comes when the light of what I call Super Intuition becomes turned on. What this means is that we “pass the understanding” of intellect where we understand through reason and logic and we realize about each other or us through the higher mind of Super Intuition. Super Intuition needs to be achieved and it is the step up after common intuition.

I was in a wretched state at one time. This state is referred to as ‘the dark night of the soul.” I sincerely asked God for strength. I later realized that my asking of God for strength was prayer. This was a deep heart-felt request to our Great Spirit. It was an ardent prayer of connection. There can not be any disbelief in you when you make this prayer. This is a serious desperate prayer and is not the prayer of a fool or goof. I later realized that I was truly supplicating or surrendering myself to our Universe or God as I understood God. I unknowingly established the Universal Foundation and much of what my tutelary deity, Jesus, said became clear to me. My Self became strengthened. My prayer request was answered with Self-Realization. I achieved the clarity of “the peace which passeth all understanding.” I realized myself among others. Our Universal Mind became clear to me. This is what Jesus meant for us when He said: I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE. This is the peace of being relieved from our sense of separateness from each other. Jesus is a spokesperson for our human nature. Jesus leads us to Universal Consciousness where we find the mind of God or Goodness. Our personality merges with this Goodness inside ourselves. We become One or Whole inside ourselves. After you become One inside you have experiential knowing, not intellectual knowledge, of what everybody is going through. We see our nature. We are blind to our nature no longer. We see what is going on. We still go through suffering here on earth as Buddha explains but in Self-Realization we achieve major relief from the feeling that we are separate from each other. This takes the stress of feeling alienated from each other away. This gives you your natural comfort or peace. This naturally takes us into higher love because we realize each other. We achieve high empathy and compassion and never intentionally hurt each other.

The spiritual disciplines serve as aids for use in coping with the suffering. Disciplines that educate about breath-mind-body-sound like yoga, martial arts, and physical education, in general, have Self-Realization as their goal. The ancient Greeks instituted the Olympics modeling athleticism as a means for Self-Realization. The major religions have the intention for overall health and Enlightenment. Eclectic study and practice of traditions and disciplines were helpful in my Self-Realization. We realize all Selves when we realize our Self.

My upcoming book will be a guide or push towards Self-Realization.

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