Tweaking Our Way to the Subtlety of Enlightenment

Existing in the clarity of Universal Consciousness, Universal Mind, Yoga, Enlightenment, Self-Realization, are words that aid us in realizing us within Cosmic Consciousness. This is the way “Source” is going through “me” to explain today. Our hearts (intuitions) become wedded to our minds more and more as we seek “what is.” The tweaking process is life getting clearer and clearer as we make constant revisions until clarity, hello, pop, whamo. Hello, Self of all. We tweak inside ourselves beyond language. Much of the tweaking is feeling and sensing. We can guide this from birth on up guiding clarity while not teaching illusion. We reach the subtle frequency. We achieve Union. We become One inside, that is, ego and “Source” merge. There is still some ego left. Then”Source” mainly runs the show. We get to “Source.” When I refer to getting to “Source” I am referring to realizing (God?) or “Source” as similar to the way Ramakrishna describes realizing God as Universal Consciousness. This is an extremely subtle frequency or carrier wave of awareness. This is beyond mind-blanking, being blissful, being restrained, and the attitude of imagining being part of the oneness with everything. You need to cover the discipline territory. I covered it eclectically. At this degree of clarity we see and know “Source” as the degree of “Source” clarity in each other. We will collectively get clearer. This is where we become transparent to each other. The reality I am speaking about realizing is being the Observer of all minds within the realized Cosmos and not just the Observer of one’s own mind. When this frequency is realized it not only guides you but also others. Many illusions have been cleared. You know when you get there. I know that enough of us can get closer to the subtlety and purity of the seventh chakra frequency and multiply its expansion. Reaching the seventh chakra frequency is the ultimate for the feeling of completion and fulfillment because one finds out what going through life is about. One knows true wealth. This will be evident as more of us reach completion. You know you do not die. You reach peace. The future will know us vibrating truth from the start. It is said that only by the grace of God does a person achieve the state of Enlightenment which is clarity. This then could be said to be the grace of God speaking.

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