To truly awaken the heart chakra has to open. It gets murky here because of the limits of language but this is what I am coming out with today. When you truly forgive yourself for wrongs committed you are surrendering to “our” Universal Spirit which is the real you. It does not matter if you are confused about God. You actually make a heartfelt surrender to the truth of yourself. You are surrendering to your Real Self, Higher Self, or True Self which is the same in everyone. You accept yourself in the truth of who you are with no false self fantasies. Part of the surrender of self-acceptance is also accepting your life’s conditions. This complete surrender frees you from the bondage of “illusions” that you have had about yourself and reality. You have released the “false” energy you held about yourself. Now you have your foundation in you which is “our” True Self or “our” Universal Spirit, e.g., Divine Indwelling, Atman, Image, and likeness, etc. If you have been serious enough about your surrender the heart chakra should open for you. This is where higher love begins. An open heart chakra is the beginning of Super Intuition. Here you learn to trust your intuition more about reality. You awaken to yourself among others realizing you are not separate. You come out of illusion. Your love for yourself and others continues to grow. You have become aware of “the Game of Life.”


  1. I enjoy your posts!
    We plan on seeing you at the Great Spirit November 14. Do you have an idea of how many will be there? We would like to bring lavender for everyone.


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