It is obvious that we have to lay out fundamentals before we can get a grasp of the whole. Over the years as fundamentals are restated – restated and paraphrased we will notice humanity getting closer to the state of unconditional love intended in the Lord’s Prayer. We are the same inside. We are the same inside as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna. We each have different “degrees” of understanding for this fact. When Jesus was on the cross and said, “forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”, Jesus meant that humanity was not evolved enough to understand. Unconditional love is unconditional forgiveness. When we realize that our attacker is not evolved enough to realize what he is doing we are able to forgive him. We realize that the attacker has the same type of internal Self as we do. We are inter-connected in cause and effect. The attacker has not evolved in empathy which understands this Same-Self connected fact. This is a seventh chakra realization. It is rare to gain access to the seventh chakra. We are part of the Absolute or God. We have Divine unity with all beings and the universe. It is very easy to realize consciousness in animals and all beings. It has to be presented properly. As we restate – restate, and paraphrase fundamentals we will collectively reach the seventh chakra in the future. The collective reaching of the seventh chakra will be collective Cosmic Consciousness.


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