A mature whole brain thinker deciphers everything in a lectio divina fashion.. The majority of persons only use left brain (reasoning) thinking and disregard or many times do not trust the right brain which is intuition and perceives in wholes. An enlightened person becomes a whole-brain perceiver. Good heart-felt and mind-created rhetoric is intended to raise consciousness. God is love as consciousness. When the consciousness is raised blocks to love or blind spots to love are cleared. So what can be taken one way by a mainly left brained reasoning person can be taken just the opposite by a whole-brain thinker. Contemplation is intended to make us whole-brain perceivers. A mainly left brained reasoner can be stuck for a while in discerning a message in not the way in which it was intended by the developer. As examples, hyperbole and irony can at first throw a message discerner off into bafflement even taking them in the complete opposite direction turning a love intended message into a hate intended message. If in doubt – inquire. If true heart-felt hyperbole and irony are not perceived as intended right away they are intended to convey the message later to the receiver. Many times a message’s true meaning will instantly fall into the receivers consciousness when the person is relaxed and turn a left brained interpretation of hate into the intention which was love when the whole-brain is active, but, like I mentioned above, the intuition needs to be trusted. Hyperbole and irony are artistically employed by writers in general and oppressed people in the communication arts daily. Editors are concerned about hyperbole and irony as they understand that people can take the messages literally.

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