Part of awakening to higher consciousness is strengthening the Self through gaining the courage that comes with direct truthful communication. Yoga tells that the fifth chakra is the spiritual center for communication. The fifth chakra, or a person, becomes healthy when a person achieves the level of confidence that gives the person the courage to look others in the eye and communicate with truth directly. I am writing here about general communication that is communicated directly. Healthy communication achieves results. A person with a healthy fifth chakra does not play games with others. A person with a healthy fifth chakra is on their way to the state of enlightenment. A major block to enlightenment is that most people labor under the delusion that others cannot prove they are “lying”, purposely misinforming or manipulating some kind of an illusion. The healthy fifth chakra person has attained the growth that has emerged them from the shadows of passive-aggression and adult peekaboo communication. Interestingly, the reason why many marriages and relationships end at around the two year period of association is because the game of adult peekaboo has come to an end and people are seen for who they are. Jesus said, “the truth will set you free” and He was speaking about awakening to the true state of enlightenment, John 8:32.

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