Thoughts and feelings about condemnation, accusation and fear can come from the misinterpretations of the receivers of communication. The more elevated a person becomes the less will be their own thoughts of condemning others, accusing others and fearfulness. Fear is a normal response when a person is up against mass ignorance. Jesus experienced fear so bad when He was up against mass ignorance that He suffered from hematohidrosis, that is, the sweating of blood.

 A person can manifest their own demonic situations and hallucinations, which come from the person’s own energy, not really a demon, because the person is in rapport with evil and has not conquered it enough in the self. For example, a panic attack, or high anxiety attack, manifests due to a person’s thoughts and feelings being out of balance. The person’s system is toxic and their diet is also off balance. I had two panic attacks when I was nineteen. I was struggling with the world as we all are. A panic, or high anxiety attack, is really kundalini rising in a toxic fashion. This is a big reason why most spiritual seekers need a guru or a knowledgeable spiritual director. It depends on how conscious you want to become. Jesus knew this when He cast out demons. A simple example of casting out a demon is helping an addict to quit.

A closed, or partially closed, soul can be opened. A reason why we are not supposed to judge is because the inner state of the sender of the communication may be higher than the inner state of the receiver of the communication who can project their lower state onto the sender and can go as far as murdering them. Misinterpretations of motives go on in everyday life. Jesus suffered from mass ignorance projected onto him. The average person cannot tell truth from falsehood and can be easily duped.

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