After we (you) get comfortable with ourselves (your Self), the Divine Indwelling is noticed in us (you). This happens when we become honest with ourselves. We are then reasoning with honesty. Reasoning with honesty is a left brain lobe activity. With honesty established the reasoning then coupled with courage breaks through to the intuitive understanding which sees through illusions and perceives in wholes which is right brain lobe perception. We notice that we are observing our own thoughts and that we are different from the thoughts of our minds. This is the Divine Indwelling in us that sees reality as “it is” which is nonduality. This is God in you. The two lobes combine for whole brain thinking. Many adults just stay in reason and doubt their intuitions much of the time and never achieve whole brain thinking. Facing the Self with honesty heals inhibitions that prevent mature whole brain thinking. Achieving whole brain thinking is a baby step toward achieving the state of unconditional Love. For you to achieve the state of unconditional love is the intention of The Lord’s Prayer. Very few people achieve the state of unconditional love because of the way our culture is set up. One has to understand their Self within our overly materialistic culture and how the material and spiritual energies collide. The unconditional love that most parents and guardians have for their children needs to be understood, felt, expanded, and extended to everyone and everything. When we eventually get to the four hour work day, most people will then have the time to analyze and understand the cultural conditioning that has held their spiritual lives dormant and in a strangle hold.

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