I have written in the past about what I call the Convergence Point. I have defined the Convergence Point as the point in your mind where the unconscious part of your mind bucks up against the conscious part of your mind. The Convergence Point is where you tell your Self the absolute truth and grow by making a painful issue that you have held in the unconscious part of your mind, or even in part of your body, conscious. You bravely face this difficulty. You heal your Self by facing, analyzing and eventually resolving the problem. The healing for a particular issue is then ongoing. You honestly tackle your once unconscious problems one after another until you become quite conscious. You are developing your character. You become much more aware. You awaken. These unconscious problems were inhibitions that ran your life. These hidden parts of your Self made you behave as if you were an unconscious robot. You were pushed into robotic behavior that stemmed from the dark unconscious part of you which is sometimes called your shadow.

Now that you have awakened to your mind you begin to realize that other people are just like you and may be going through the awakening process the same as you. You have begun to be able to observe your own thoughts as if you were an onlooker observing the thoughts of your mind and also the feelings of your body. You are beginning to be conscious of your Self among others which is what awakening is all about. You are now seeing your Self in others. You are realizing that you are connected to other people by the collective energy that we share. You realize that you are not separate from others. You are becoming illuminated. You can eventually realize that you are connected and part of the energy of the whole cosmos.

When you are able to be as the afore mentioned you have met The Dweller At The Threshold. The dweller at the threshold is your True Self. It is your Supreme Self. Your True Self is the Image and Likeness of God described in the “Old Testament” and Christianity. Other traditions have different names for the Image and Likeness. It is your True Self “who” is awakening at the Convergence Point. After you have truthfully faced the hard issues about your particular and unique Self you have pretty much erased the Convergence point but there will always be something left until you are ready to become discarnate. You have become conscious. You are aware. You have awakened.

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