Language and words are approximations and are not reality (Zen Koan: WORDS ARE TRAPS). Words are “helpers” that lead Us to the “ground of being” that is beyond the reasoning of language. This “ground of being” is the same in each of Us. If you are resistant to change and have rigid (fixed) ideas (Chinese proverb: A rigid tree breaks in the wind) about how the everyday “mix” of interacting affairs (energy) works (this concept or notion is true reality and that concept or idea or opinion is true reality) you will remain fixed in your positions and never get fully to the ground of Our “shared being.” Our “shared being” is beyond language. Our minds have to be “open minded” and not “closed minded.” I’m right and you’re wrong or things should be this way (my way) does not take in the “whole.” Thinking that cogitates in “absolutes” stems from the state of being “separate.” It is my hope that the “helper words” that were written here help.

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