Great Spirit please make us realize that you are in us and in everything. Give us peace. Make us realize your/our universal consciousness. Make us know that we are not separate. Make us know that we are all related and that everything is connected. Make us see and feel how and when we work against this connection. Make us unafraid of being alone in silence. Give us the loving strength to honestly examine ourselves. Guide us through our examination of ourselves. Help us to not be afraid of ourselves. Help us to bravely face ourselves. May we go deeper and deeper within ourselves. May we clearly hear and feel your love within ourselves. Help us to not block parts of ourselves during the examining process. Help us to lovingly correct ourselves. Give us the strength to admit when we are wrong. Help us to understand that this process is connecting our minds to our hearts. Give us your presence to know where and when we have not connected our minds to our hearts. Help us merge our lower self or personality or ego to our higher self which is you. Make us just you inside ourselves. Lead us to spiritual exercises. Make us prayer. Make us calm inside ourselves. Give us your steady presence. Make us whole inside ourselves. Make us realize that the more we progress the clearer we hear and feel you inside of us. Make us know that we are unique beyond comparison. Make us realize that we are beautiful. Make us realize that this is part of what is meant to overcome the world. Help us see and sense that it is the same you behind personalities. Make us realize that you/we are in our different bodies and that we are just under different conditions and at different levels of awareness. Help us understand each other. Help us know where and when we obstruct you with the ego. Help us overcome the ego. Help us forgive ourselves. Help us realize that we cannot help our actions. Help us get a hold of ourselves. Strengthen us to surrender to you. Help us overcome the world. Make us realize that we are the universal self or the same self in all is you. As we progress in loving understanding of ourselves please gracefully strengthen us so we can recognize ourselves. Help us realize that we are everyone. Help us to understand our higher mind or intuition. Help us sense that it is our higher mind or intuition that sees universal patterns about us and that we are each other. Through our loving examination and unblocking or correction of ourselves help us merge ourselves with the love which is you inside us. Make us one or whole or complete and steady inside ourselves. Help us love ourselves that we may transfer our healthy love to all. Make us strong. Give us peace. Please help us Great Spirit.

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