Q: What is the value of mantras?

A: They are in accord with all of the above. The purpose is to still the mind and invoke a high energy field. The calibrated levels of various mantras are listed in Chapter 17 of Truth vs. Falsehood. For greater benefit, the sound should be held silently.

There is an inherent limitation to repetitious mantras in that they too often result in a semi-automatic, altered state of consciousness that actually becomes an obstruction to the sought-for state of Realization. Enlightenment is not an altered state of consciousness induced by alpha waves, feedback, or rhythmic repetitions of dance, sound, breathing, or body movements. It is not the ‘high’ of drumming, music, bells, chanting, or ascetic extremism. All the above are transitory. When the stomping feet, drums, bells, incense, gongs, and flashing lights stop, so does the artificially induced trance state, which is an altered state of consciousness rather than a Knowingness. Psychedelics also allow glimpses of states of advanced awareness, but they, too, recede.

States of spiritual joy and ecstasy occur naturally at the calibrated levels of the high 500s. To reach Enlightenment, they also must be surrendered to God, and in their place arises a great Peace beyond all description. The peace of God experientially transcends all prior states, as exquisite as they might have been.

DISCOVERY of the PRESENCE of GOD, David R. Hawkins, 82, 2006, Veritas Publishing.

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