Imagine how our world will be when our SuperSoul, which is in everyone, speaks through the majority of our personalities.

Our shared SuperSoul has to be unencumbered by our egos in order to merge with our egos and communicate purely through our personalities. Three-fourths of ego darkness has to be reconfigured into the light of our SuperSoul in order for us to have a chance for the mystical marriage between heart and mind to take place. When this merger of opposites or alchemy of opposites happens the expansiveness of what has been called Divine Union takes place. The majority of us have this potential. Be careful what you believe – WORDS ARE TRAPS. Our distant future sees children being nurtured by Self-Realized (SuperSoul-Realized) parents and teachers who guide children in the light of our SuperSoul. The majority of children will be made aware of our SuperSoul from infancy on up and we will have a SuperSoul world.

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