Our Holy Spirit grows the positive voice in our heads.

As we surrender to our individual and collective makeup our “Holy Spirit”, that is, our “Universal Consciousness” or our “Image and Likeness of God” inside us leads us to the unification of our hearts (feeling-intuition) and minds (reason-logic). Because of this unification, we become whole-brain or whole-heart-brain feeler-thinkers as opposed to us being mainly reasoner-thinkers. What keeps us from being whole-heart-brain feeler-thinkers is that most of us will not go so far as to dredge (heal) inhibitions, traumas, and false conditionings (beliefs) out of ourselves. Inhibitions, traumas, and false conditionings keep (block) our Holy Spirit from getting predominately stronger inside us over our the false parts of our egos. When we generally reach the uninhibited state we are knocking on the door of our higher unified or integrated heart-mind. Our subconscious is like a psychiatrist who is silently nudging us to face and analyze ourselves. Nature intends for us to face ourselves and this has much to do with us catching the false reasoning that blocks our “Holy Spirit/Image and Likeness/Universal Consciousness” from us and this keeps us believing we are separate from each other. The koan WORDS ARE TRAPS is designed to take us to the unified higher heart-mind where the clarity of Super Intuition or our SuperSoul exists. The SuperSoul, as the Hindus call it, feels (Cardionosis) what is encrypted in language and visual illusions.

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