Paul had an internal battle going on for a long time before he experienced his massive spontaneous kundalini arousal.

In 2 Timothy 2:13 Paul is explaining what we call Christ Consciousness. What some Christians have called Christ Consciousness the Hindus call Krishna Consciousness, God Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, the Universal Mind, and the Universal Self.

“If we are unfaithful he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself” 2 Timothy 2:13. Paul is struggling to transmit that we are all the same inside ourselves and that we have the ability to resurrect Christ Consciousness which is the same as the pure Self of Universal Consciousness. He cannot deny himself because he is inside you and me as you and me beyond our egos. Jesus (as you) WORDS ARE TRAPS watches our minds as Universal Presence and this is why we do not get away with anything. We are not separate. We affect each other. We are Universal Consciousness. We are all part of Christ or Universal Consciousness. This is what “for he cannot deny himself” means. Jesus is inside of everyone as we are and we are Universal Consciousness. Universal Consciousness is the meaning of the Christian dictum that “we are made in the Image and Likeness of God.” Paul knew that the life of Jesus was a map to what he understood in his culture was “putting on the mind of Christ” Romans 13:14. I call it Holy Spirit Consciousness. Jesus modeled for us what to do so we too can permanently experience “the peace that passes all understanding” and this happens when we experience the relief that comes with the realization (Self-Realization) that sees and knows that we are the same inside ourselves. To gain this heart to heart consciousness our Holy Spirit inside us as the voice in our heads transforms the majority of the false parts of our egos into our Holy Spirit and when this happens we experience enough internal clarity that can achieve us ground floor Enlightenment.

Putting on the mind of Christ is putting on the Universal Mind that is behind your mind and my mind and we can see and know this farther reach of human nature after we heal enough of our egos. Jesus was transmitting Universal Consciousness through the language and mores of His culture. Other holy people transmitted Universal Consciousness through the language and mores of their cultures. God or Self-Realization is Universal in our human nature.

Moses and Paul had spontaneous kundalini arousals experiencing the golden firelight of our Holy Spirit. It is likely that the Apostles had the clarity of Universal Consciousness induced by our Great Spirit or our Holy Spirit but they were already on the cusp of enlightenment because of being around Jesus and His training for a long time.

Anyone who has a massive spontaneous kundalini arousal like these individuals experienced has been non-attached from the world that most of us know for a long time realizing their self which is really the same Self of all behind our egos or our Universal Self. We are collectively evolving into a way of life that is “being in the world but not of the world.”

Paul was not your average person. Paul was non-attached to the culture that he knew. Paul had an internal battle going on inside himself between truth and falsehood for a long time. Paul was graced with Universal Consciousness as he spontaneously realized himself and everybody else at the same time. Practicing the Virtue of Charity (selfless service – no ego) is a natural (Nature) practice for us to realize our Universal Self/Mind/Heart, Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, Our Consciousness, my consciousness, or your consciousness.

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