My upcoming book concerns the necessary Universal information that Jesus imparted to His apostles in order to enlighten them.

The first book in the series of upcoming books deals with the mental and emotional strengthening needed to achieve Enlightenment. I consider it our book because we all share the same Universal Self in our different bodies. The book is for everyone. My pre and post-enlightenment progress will be discussed as lessons in future books. We are in the evolutionary process of collectively growing so as to slowly adapt to the higher energy of our cosmos.

The massive energy that I opened up to made me a fish out of water for years. It took me years to understand what happened. Fortunately, I was an athlete and I used running and hatha yoga to adapt to the high energy.

A slowly evolving humanity will be able to accommodate the energy that comes with us birthing our Universal Self into conscious and physical awareness. The apostles intended to plant and follow up with the needed seeds from Jesus that would slowly grow us into an enlightened society.

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