As American screenwriter, Rod Serling would say before some Twilight Zone episodes “Picture if you will…”. Well, picture yourself hovering above the earth observing the goings on. Looking down with a broad tolerant perspective you will notice that we are in the process of being spiritually liberated as one race, i.e., the human race. In their own individual ways Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, et al, and individuals from other professions lead us to what is called union or divine union. This union makes us ONE inside. There is a fundamental or ground floor union that can take place inside us. We are no longer divided within ourselves. You become ONE inside when your individual ego merges with our Holy Spirit. You are not perfect at the fundamental level but ground floor union occurs. We undergo different types of mystical experiences. You and those close to you will know when union happens within you because you will be radically (back to the roots) transformed in Spirit. So, picture if you will the influence of more of us undergoing transformation upon the earth and how we will be…read my book.

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