I had a heaven and hell time for these six years. I was in the constant Universal general state of being unsure of myself and others. This is our general state until we are anchored in the achievement of authentic Self-Realization. After you achieve the internal merger you realize (Self-Realization) that everyone, no matter who they are, exists in this “unsure state” until Union occurs. The “unsure state” is our general thoughts about being separate from each other. Our thoughts about how we seem separate from others are completely gone after Union occurs. You know everyone after the merger. Our Universal condition grows from being unsure about what is going on with everyone to the calmness that Universal Interpersonal Psychological Awareness brings us. Union, or God-Realization, is the “crown of glory” or “ideal” that Jesus was relating to us because this is us. With more people achieving authentic Union we will observe our everyday communication and activities launching into an exuberant awareness of higher love. We as the “consciousness of the earth” will be free.

From my book.

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