A panic attack is a deeply mystical experience.

I was home alone when I experienced my first panic attack. All of a sudden wham!. It was like an alarm went off. My soul/body was waking me up. On comes the most frightening mystical terror realization that I was going to die. It was like I was taken out of the dream into reality. I was coming out of the state of suffering Psychology calls “infantile omnipotence.” The Holy Spirit was waking me up. I immediately broke out in a dead sweat and began shaking severely from the great “clarity impact” of this mystical experience. I did not know what to do. I staggered out the kitchen door. This was the way that my soul/body contacted me. Our soul/body communicates to us in its own language. I began walking down the sidewalk dripping sweat and shaking. I did not run into anybody and if I did they would have thought that I was completely insane because of the look of terror on my face.

From my book.

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