WORDS ARE TRAPS – From my Universal Vision I found out that we are all soulmates. It is the same Self in our different bodies.The Image and Likeness of God that we are told we are made in is the same Self in all of us. This same Self has no specific gender. This same Self is the Holy Spirit. This is why it is said that we are part of God or we are God. This is the Universal Self in us. This is the Oversoul of Emerson. This is the SuperSelf of the Bhagavad Gita. Your ego is “the conditioned by the material world part of you.” Your ego is “over” the Holy Spirit in you so to speak. Divine Union is your ego recognizing the Holy Spirit in you and merging with the Holy Spirit in you. You recognize or sense or grasp the Holy Spirit in you within the process of divine alchemy. After this merger, which has a ground floor, you become One inside yourself with the Holy Spirit in charge. This is where you are naturally resolved to act with the Great Spirit in everything you do. As you improve, or as you decondition, the Holy Spirit (God) in you becomes clearer and clearer and stronger and stronger to you as You. Remember WORDS ARE TRAPS.

We are in the non-language zone here. We have transcended the intellect where we use words to reason and understand. We are getting into the zone where we realize “the peace that passes all understanding”. The intellect can be fooled. Intuition just knows. Intuition is of the higher mind where “I” recognize that the Holy Spirit is trying to “take me over”” or merge with my ego.

“I and my Father are one.” John 10:30. Jesus is our example for our egos to merge with the Holy Spirit inside us so we become One inside ourselves. When you become One inside yourself (whole), you are granted the soulsight that sees and knows the condition of separation between ego and Holy Spirit in others. When you become enlightened you realize that you are not separate from others. You realize that you are energy and that your energy affects others and the energy of others affects you. You become conscious of yourself among others. You come to recognize how the Oversoul recovery is coming along with others. You exist in the Universal Self. You exist in the SuperSelf.

My upcoming book is about achieving the “peace that passes all understanding.” When the clarity of our Universal SuperSelf/Image and Likeness of God/ Holy Spirit becomes clear to you you become greatly relieved to finally see and know that we share the same Self. You recognize that this same Self is at different degrees of realization in each of us. Here is where you realize that everyone is your twin or soulmate. Life is about coming home to yourself which is ourselves. We slowly transfigure from ego to Holy Spirit or the same Self. But the realization can come on in a flash as it did with me in ecstasy and bliss. What remains forever is the relief that comes with the peace that passes all understanding because in the peace you realize what is going on with everyone. This is Self-Realization.

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