“Oh! It’s too bad that you got stuck with yourself, ha?”

The above is a quote from a former friend of mine who died at the age of fifty-seven. This male, I will call him Jandy, was a person who was short and bald with acne. So Jandy did not have one somewhat less than “perfect” physical feature to come to terms with, he had three. Jandy died of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the most common conditions that make up COPD. In her groundbreaking book, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, Louise Hay mentions that people with emphysema may have, “Fear of taking in life. Not worthy of living.”(163).

Jandy, like the rest of us, was struggling to realize himself/ourself within his given physical vehicle. Not realizing it, Jandie was struggling to realize the Universal Self that we all share. The Self is the same in everyone. The same Self that we share makes a survival adjustment to the given body of the person. We adjust or do not adjust to our bodies. Put simply, Jandy was struggling to become conscious or awakened to our interpersonal or psychological reality or the soul sight between Us. The Universal Self or Holy Spirit is in you as this same Self that we share and will activate more in you as you break through illusions. This is called God Consciousness by people. It is reasonable to assume that “God” is in everything. It is easy to intuit that “God” is in everything. My upcoming book directs you to awareness.

The Holy Spirit/Universal Self-Mind-Consciousness is in you. It tries to break through in you all of the time. The Holy Spirit resides in you and is behind your ego/personality so to speak. This is the same for everyone. You do not let higher Spirit breakthrough in you enough! Breaking through illusions is necessary. Sometimes where we stop in thought is where we should keep going!

Jandy suffered greatly from having to accept himself. It helps to understand what your “ego is” along with knowing about “psychological conditioning.” Everybody is going through it. It is Universal. The more illusions that you break through the happier you will be. You have to find the final point of surrender. True humility is born with a devout surrender to everything. Self-acceptance is the ground floor of humility. “I accept myself within everything” and so may higher thoughts and feelings come through me helping everything.” I turned over my ego power. When you make this devout-true-surrender you are stepping out of the ego of “self” to our SuperSelf or Universal Self. Self-acceptance grants you the ability to look others in the eye and say “I’m me!”.

We all go through the struggle of self-acceptance. You know you are there when you stop pretending. There are a lot of people like Jandy out there. Jandy was making the statement that we are all stuck with ourselves. Knowing that self-acceptance is going on with everyone you meet makes you more sensitive to everyone. Knowing that self-acceptance is going on with everyone makes you care more for others through empathy. Realize that others are struggling. This is not just “your secret struggle party” this is “our struggle party.” I am writing about being conscious of being nice to others. I am talking about the virtue of Charity. The virtue of Charity leads to our Universal Self.

YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, Louise L. Hay, (163), 1987.

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