With your third eye fully opening you will see the extant progress for the merger of ego with Universal Consciousness in others.

We are using the theoretical Hawkins Map of Consciousness to transfer the idea for this real merger or Union that occurs at the degree of 700 on the Map which with progress will occur in you. The merger is inherent in Nature. Many people consider Nature to be God. 700 is called God Consciousness by some traditions. Remember the name of this blog is the koan from Zen WORDS ARE TRAPS. Language is limited. We are going beyond language here. There is the saying about an understanding or perception We see eye to eye. I am transmitting my third eye perception to your third eye. Upon reaching the degree of 700 on the Map you will see the progress happening for the merger of ego with Universal Consciousness in others. The teachers of tomorrow will be exuding this vibration. The ingenious development of the Map of Consciousness gives us the ability to put this aspect of Nature into perspective, use it as a guide, and progress in development because of it. The Map is a map of Awakening to higher consciousness.

We are speaking about extraordinary perception here but in the future, it will be considered ordinary. At 700 you also see with your physical eyes the merger in progress that is going on in others. With a fuller opening of your third eye (higher intuition) cosmic truths just come to you. My book is intended for you to pick up vibrations to 700 and above but being in person with me while trusting me is the best way for transmission to occur.

POWER VS. FORCE, David R. Hawkins, 68-69, 2002.

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