Our Parents Paid for Our Education

Many boys suffered attacks where they were viciously blind-sided with hits and even clothes-lined by Hammeren Hank. Kids reported seeing stars. I was blind-sided by a full-force startling roundhouse slap from behind that came out of nowhere. It left a red hand imprint on my face for a long time. My head hit the cement wall I was standing next to one time when an angry nun wound up and slapped me. Kids who acted up were usually slapped up in front of everybody or in private by a nun or lay teacher. They may have had their hair pulled and ears twisted. We were often subjected to further humiliation in the church by being made to kneel at the side altar in front of everybody, including strangers, during the children’s daily mass. Kids were publically tortured and humiliated after school by being beaten up first and then made to walk Monsignor’s porch in open view of school people and any strangers who passed the rectory. Kids were made to continuously walk around the perimeter of the porch. You could be taunted by anyone during your humiliation period on the porch. It was common for community people not connected with the church or school to witness children being viciously slapped outside of the rectory. Many of us acted up in order to cope.

The aforementioned is in my book.

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