On the Road to Emmaus is about humanity awakening to Universal Consciousness.

The story of Cleopas and the other disciple, Luke 24:13-35, meeting Jesus on the road and not recognizing Him is about the thoughts and feelings of alienation and separateness that most people live with until the higher awareness of Universal Consciousness is realized. Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness is the Christ Consciousness that Jesus is leading us to realize in what is still the Great Mystery.

If you are fully serious you make a commitment to the Great Spirit or Mystery or God or Creation or Nature or whatever you want to call it or however you understand life. Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, and Krishna Consciousness are the same consciousness and are perfected Universal Consciousness. It is possible in your life for you to reach the ground floor of Universal Consciousness. You must reach certain understandings. Up until now, awakening to Universal Consciousness has been considered becoming Superconscious. We are collectively slowly evolving into Superconscious awareness. On the ground floor, you realize that everybody is the same as you inside themselves. You realize how we are energetically related to each other within the overall cosmic energy. You realize we are just in different bodies living under different conditions. When you get close to the ground floor you begin to see through the egos of others. We have obstructions that have been imprinted on the egos that block us from seeing and knowing Universal Awareness of each other. You see what is keeping others thinking and feeling they are separate from each other and the whole. You see what has been keeping others from the farther reaches of Self-Realization which is really Us-Realization. When you come out of this separateness you have awakened to the profound Super Intuitive or Super Aware or Superconscious state of Universal Consciousness. D.R. Hawkins calls this Enlightenment.

Jesus, Cleopas, and the other disciple stopped to eat. They had not recognized Jesus yet. Luke 24:31 states, “Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him.” The “eyes opening” is Cleopas and the other disciple awakening to Universal Consciousness or Christ Consciousness realizing that it is Us-Consciousness. The eyes of their hearts (intuition) opened. They had to tell others what they realized which is we are all the same inside struggling to awaken to Universal Consciousness and we will. Jesus is a model for us to realize about ourselves. This is the state where you reach what is called Unconditional Love or 540 while ascending to 700 (ground floor) on the theoretical framework of the D.R. Hawkins Map of Consciousness. High empathy and compassion are born here because you realize the universal struggle or the individual and collective struggles of humanity. You feel for others and the Charity of “loving your neighbor as yourself” is born. You are not separate from others.

NIV Study Bible, 1995

POWER VS. FORCE, 2002, David R. Hawkins

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