St. Pio would not absolve some people in confession because he knew they were not fully reconciled within themselves.

And we do this with each other. We send the transforming grace of forgiveness to one another but forgiveness does not necessarily mean immediate association. A person has to fully absolve themself and this can become evident to others.

Reconciliation means that there is no division within the Self/self concerning the deed under Self-Scrutiny. The deed has been analyzed and understood in multiple depths and has been reconciled. The True-Self has subsumed that part of the small-self and there is no division about the deed. The deed has been resolved. It will not be carried out again. A union has taken place between the True-Self and the small-self concerning the nature of the deed. This is Character Development. Many unions of opposites take place on the way to the major union or merging between the True-Self and small-self in what Yoga calls Self-Realization. We become One within. Our shared Universal Mind becomes clear. Self-Realization is referred to as Divine Union in the branch of Theology called Mystical Theology.

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