As our hearts and minds become liberated…

We become knowers not just believers. The past seventy-two years going into the next seventy-five years is the pivotal point in history where the Universal Consciousness that we share becomes much clearer to our collective. Collective liberation will gain momentum as more of us break out of the shackles of illusions that keep us from the Self-Realization of actually seeing and knowing each other.

Self-Realization is when you become conscious of yourself and others simultaneously. Your conscience becomes sharply activated and realized. You realize that we are not separate from each other. You realize how your behavior affects others. You realize that we are the same inside. You realize that you and others do not die. You realize that we share a Universal Mind that is in our unique bodies and that we are at different levels of awareness. Self-Realization stops you from lying and manipulating. You become strong enough to admit your faults. You are able to stand up for yourself. You become strong enough to put yourself out there. You see how others are shackled with illusions. You comprehend how the ego blocks awareness of Universal Consciousness in others.

Collective liberation is gaining momentum. As more of us in the next seventy-five years become Self-Realized – Enlightened – Cosmic Consciousness our collective will more so embody the loving vibrations that existed in the origins of all major spiritual traditions. Our collective will possess higher love because of greater numbers of Self-Realized people radiating higher love. The unique spiritual gifts of everyone will contribute to our collective understanding of our world. Imagine an enlightened woman carrying an infant in her womb. Imagine enlightened parents. Imagine an enlightened couple. The realization of who we are lies in education.

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