The more you awaken to what everyone is going through the fewer adaptors you need to the process.

You know what your adaptors are and how much time you put into them. Do your adaptors keep you from awakening further is the question. Your attachments are your adaptors. What is stalling you from awakening further? Are your mind and heart fully integrated? Are you escaping?

Your higher mind of intuition/heart/feeling/emotion feeds the reasoning/thinking part of your mind. You become more comfortable with your Self as your thoughts and feelings integrate. You get to trust your intuition and let it completely in as you are becoming whole. This process is you becoming stronger. You are naturally adapting. You become more comfortable because you are further awakening to our shared Psyche. Our shared Psyche or Spirit is that we are generally the same inside ourselves. You are awakening to your Self among others. As you awaken clarity becomes established to what your thoughts and feelings are telling you about you and everyone else. If you make a mistake in the natural adaption process to your particular reality you make a correction. The correction gives you further clarity. The clearer your particular reality becomes to you the stronger you become as a person. This is the general adaption process to what gets you to the ground floor or foundation of what is called Self-Realization.

As you become stronger you understand how precious the time is you have left with your physical vehicle. You become balanced in your overall adaption. When you get to this point of maturity you become grace for others. You have learned to say no when no is needed. You learn to make the best decision for the majority. Others see and feel that you love your Self and everyone else (SAME SELF IN ALL) and you attract the ones who want to grow.

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