Are you a weakling?

First, let’s watch Tarzan dive off the top of the Brooklyn Bridge to escape pursuit by the police in the 1942 Metro Goldwyn Mayer film Tarzan’s New York Adventure. Boy (Johnny Sheffield) has been taken from the African jungle by the head of a circus to be made into a circus act. Tarzan (played by Olympic Gold medal swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller), Jane (Maureen O’Sullivan), and Cheeta (chimpanzee equal family member) embark on a long journey to the United States to rescue Boy from the head of a circus who thought Jane and Tarzan had died. They get to New York to search for Boy. Tarzan is shocked by the lifestyle and inventions of civilization and displays his quaint, noble ways. After many hardships, Tarzan, Jane, Boy, and Cheeta go back to Africa.

This article proposes that a Tarzan film be made that makes us think about how much of our primitive sensing abilities have been domesticated out of us. Remember, Tarzan was shocked. We have been weak as people. An exciting interesting family adventure film like I am suggesting shows our potential for regaining our psychic primitiveness. Regaining our psychic primitiveness makes us stronger. A film of this nature reminds us of our natural roots. A wonderful addition to the present cosmic awakening. Tarzan is a cosmic person. Tarzan communicates with animals while perfectly flowing with the natural world. Tarzan does not suffer from the overall conditioning that comes from an inhibited culture removed from the natural world in many ways. A Tarzan character certainly should be a mystic-clairvoyant-yogi-shaman.

A mystic understands Universal Consciousness. A clairvoyant has the ability to perceive events in the future. Clairsentience is “feeling” where the sentient senses the emotions of others. Clairaudience decodes messages with the ear and mind as opposed to the ear and brain. As a yogi progresses in awareness the yogi may gain powers of advancement called siddhis. A shaman interacts with the spirit world for the purpose of healing.

Knowledge of returning to our primitive roots is the first step. The aforementioned abilities are Universal abilities that are within us. A family adventure film will shed light on our potential. We will simultaneously be entertained and strengthened with knowledge.

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