The Internet is Not Natural Reality

The costumes and cosmetics of language and imagery mask the immaturity, cowardice, and deception of so many on the net. A fearful person’s paradise. A phony’s paradise. The natural world does not exhibit as much of this aberrant behavior. People know they can be confronted in the natural world. It is much easier to deceive and sway opinion on the net. It is much easier to hide on the net. Unethical and dishonest people really have more of a chance of being believed than honest people on the net. WORDS ARE TRAPS

In the 1930s Dr. Karen Horney coined the term Idealized Image for people who play-act in the natural world. Idealized Imaging is rampant out front and behind the scenes on the net. It goes on in all fields. The Idealized Image is rampant everywhere if we would only get a little deeper and realize. Husbands and wives even put on false images to each other. As a race, we certainly have in our capacity the ability to mature out of this interpersonal and collective aberrant behavior. 700 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is where we realize that we are like each other inside ourselves. We actually get to see and know this fact of reality/spirituality. When more of us achieve this state we will detect the Idealized Image disappearing because we will be able to psychologically and emotionally “see” and “feel” each other. We will not use the facade of the Idealized Image anymore. We will love our Self more and naturally be able to transfer our higher love to others because we realize that everyone is the same inside. We become conscious of each other. We are no longer separate from each other. Here is where we stop lying to each other. This is the true level of decency. We look each other in the eye here and tell the truth. The covert attacks and deceptions that are prevalent on the net do not exist at this level. As we become more conscious we will listen to speakers, read general articles, meditations, and scholarly papers about our increasing levels of decency. This is the beginning of the Enlightenment of the 700s. This is the Enlightenment taught by my tutelary deity Jesus.

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