Is the Holy Spirit present here?

Is what has been traditionally referred to as the Holy Spirit present here is the go-to question for us to ask when we are discerning the truth of anything. Have I gotten a hold of myself? Is the Holy Spirit here? Is the Holy Spirit partially here? Is what I am discerning a pure discernment? Is what I am projecting out of me in my communication pure, partially pure, or am I up to something? Do I have cross motives embedded in my communication? Do I have a hidden agenda? Do I create language “smoke screens”? Am I attempting to control the minds of others? Are you attempting to raise awareness or lower awareness? Will I realize that the Holy Spirit was present here later? Do I have a hold on myself? Am I all here and all there? Do I communicate with our Holy Spirit and implore the Holy Spirit to influence me?

“Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.” Taken from the prayer Come Holy Spirit.

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