Only the childish proceed from the assumption that human behavior can be explained in black-and-white terms. David R. Hawkins

I regret that I discovered Dr. David R. Hawkins too close to when his physical vehicle stopped functioning. I would have loved to have spoken with him. I would have made a pilgrimage to Sedona, Arizona in order to speak with him in person. If it would have been difficult I would have thought of a creative plan to achieve my end. I would have used Kris Kristofferson as an inspiration. Kris was a janitor in Nashville who wanted to get songs to Johnny Cash. It was hard to get to Johnny because of his fame. Kris rented a helicopter and flew it over the security fence that guarded Johnny’s home. Kris landed the helicopter at Johnny’s front door and presented him with songs. The song, Sunday Morning Coming Down was one of those songs. Find this hit, written by Kris and sung by Johnny at .

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