Concentration leads to Relaxation and Meditation in Juggling

People are aware that I am an advocate for the art of Juggling as a major transforming methodology performed for the purpose of reaching higher states of awareness. Self Realization – Enlightenment – Cosmic Consciousness all form into one as a person becomes more aware and more aware – WORDS ARE TRAPS. OSHO, in the video OSHO: Meditation is the Opposite of Concentration, found on youtube, presents that “Watchfulness…has to be made wider and wider and bigger…” Watchfulness, in this case, is the eastern state of Meditation and the western state of Contemplation and are really the same state. “Relaxation helps the most.” “Concentration is sabotaging the whole process of watchfulness because concentration is an act of the mind and watchfulness is something that comes from above, from beyond.” OSHO is saying that a spiritual practicer cannot be concentrating and watchful at the same time. OSHO means that watchfulness is pure relaxed awareness. The “pure relaxed awareness” is the real you. The “pure relaxed awareness” is the Presence in you that watches your mind and everything else. It is the Divine Indwelling of Christianity and Atma of Hinduism.

The Yoga of juggling tunes a juggler into her breath and body through learning advanced psychomotor skills. Eventual heightened awareness for life is an outcome. The Self development aspect of juggling starts with learning to juggle two and three things like bean bags or professional juggling balls. I have said in the past that juggling should be employed nationally within physical education curriculums. See juggling videos on youtube.

Learning to juggle two and three balls starts the process of heightened awareness out with the juggler learning to be one-pointed in concentration. The process is retained within the muscle memory of the juggler’s body. The juggler does not think thoughts or speak while learning to juggle. Thinking and speaking will distract the process of concentration and in the beginning, the juggler will miss.

After the juggler has mastered juggling three balls with some added tricks she has become conditioned to the point of being able to juggle in a state of relaxation. What has developed here is the natural state of pure relaxed awareness while juggling with no thinking or speaking. This is the state of meditation that OSHO is speaking about. This is the beginning of what is referred to as Samadhi in eastern philosophies. Samadhi is the merging of individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness.

So, the process of learning to juggle goes from concentration to relaxation to meditation. The more a person combines juggling with other practices of character development the more the person will become conscious of their Self among others and not have a feeling of being separate from others. By knowing your own energy you understand the energy of others and understand that we are all connected. A commitment to Absolute Truth and Honesty with Self and Others is mandatory to go on with higher Samadhis. The higher Samadhis give us greater and greater awareness. A commitment to Absolute Truth and Honesty with Self and others puts a person in rapport with “God” or the Absolute.

The more a person juggles, the more a person habituates the pure relaxed state of awareness and takes this pure state into everyday life and this of course includes sleep. Remember, I said that there has to be a commitment to Absolute Truth and Honesty with Self and Others for the awareness of higher Samadhis to occur. Here is where Super Intuition becomes part of your awareness. With this pure state of relaxed awareness formed into one’s being a person begins to receive revelations. These revelations come in the form of direct knowledge. The knowing of connections and affairs becomes clear to you. You have to realize that when you get to the point of connections and affairs becoming clear to you that much of the reason for this happening to you is because you have healed or dissolved mental and emotional blocks that were short-circuiting your thoughts and feelings. Your ego has become greatly diminished here in the process of Presence merging with your personality. You become naturally humorous at this level. This is when you become connected with the Universe. Here you act as a powerful sender and receiver of Universal or Cosmic broadcasts. You become brave and function for the best of everyone involved. You absorb the suffering of others. The development of your character aids in the long-term development of others. Your relaxed state will aid in the relaxation of others.

OSHO International Foundation presents, Meditation is the Opposite of Concentration, …an excerpt from the series The Transmission of the Lamp, Copyright 1986, 2020

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