Am I a peaceful person?

The above rhetorical question is intended for any person who advocates peace but yet has a need to “judge” “poke,” “needle,” “pick on,” or give unsolicited advice to others while hiding behind the camouflage of language or other illusions. Are you one of these people? A highly illuminated, Self-Realized, or Enlightened person never-ever initiates communication toward others in this way. The habit of camouflaging one’s motives goes against the Universal code of Enlightenment. Camouflaging with the afore-mentioned motives is undertaken at 199 and below on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness and is of the unbalanced lower chakras of Hinduism. If there was a cookie-cutter approach to life there would be more enlightened people. Presently the state of enlightenment is not a worldly condition and people do not understand it. You become enlightened for your make-up and personality. An enlightened person does not know everything and is not perfect. Avatars are another subject. If you want to deify someone that is your business. Most people do not live in ivory towers under guard and are never challenged. Absolute power corrupts. There are those who know and those who pretend they know. WORDS ARE TRAPS

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