You will learn the skills of breath ration, concentration, and bodily awareness juggling two to three balls. Juggling conditions you to concentrate better than meditation. Learning to deeply concentrate is the best way to achieve higher states of awareness. Juggling silences the mind. We use our whole brain juggling. Juggling improves people of all ages.

Juggling practiced with other character development efforts quickens the awareness for seeing and knowing the Universal Mind that we share – the one in the many.

The quickened alertness that is conditioned in the juggler can awaken what is called in different philosophies the subtle body. What this means is that obstructions that obscure the Universal Self in you begin to clear. The Universal Self in all of us becomes clear to an awakened juggler or yogi. Juggling is yoga. You start to apprehend the subtle world of yourself, others, and the Universe. The uninitiated sometimes describe a person with an awakened subtle body as having supernormal powers. A person with an awakened subtle body possesses clear ongoing subtle perception.

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