A fragment of the intention for the koan WORDS ARE TRAPS is that the seeker realizes that words are approximations for description as are various other means of communication. What has been called Universal Mind can also be described as Universal Self or just Self. This Self is what has been called the Hidden Observer or Presence in the Consciousness field. You are ascending to the higher mind part of you as you read this paragraph. Is there a you? The higher mind goes beyond reason and notices what really “is” and this is what “really is” aside of language (word) labels. The higher mind is the Universal Mind/Universal Self/Self/Hidden Observer – this is intuition or the True Self. The True Self is the Hidden Observer that observes the thoughts of your mind and the rest of you. The True Self is in the back of your mind “so to speak.” The True Self observes what is “really going on” when your heart in balance is connected to your mind in balance. Fervent prayer, meditation, yoga, mindfulness breathing, sports, and just overall nature gets us to grasp the same True Self that we all share. It is called Universal because as far as higher consciousness is understood we all share it. This has been called the mind of God. We can know not only our own hearts and minds but clarify to “see” and know the hearts and minds of each other. “The” Universal Self is in us or in our different bodies so to speak. This is the realm of the seventh chakra. This shared knowing is what has been called Cardionosis. This shared knowing is what I have called the clear state of Super Intuition because we can clarify to “see” and know our Self in others because it is the same Self. Universal Self “knows” that it is everything.


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