There I was being tortured to death for explaining the essence of our humanity. Those who understood me were not present. This was the ultimate for frustration. I am a model. I forgave my killers because I realized that they did not know what they were doing (Luke 23:34). I realized that my killers had the exact same Self in them as I did but they did not realize this fact. I forgave them because they were not evolved enough to realize that I was the same as they on the inside of our Universal Self. I was explaining our Universal Consciousness that is, our Universal Mind, that is, God. I forgave them as nurturing parents do. I forgave them and everyone else with the unconditional love that a mother has for her child. The mother sees herself in the vulnerable child while realizing the child is evolving and does not know what it is doing. The loving mother knows that her child is testing reality. I planted the seed for humanity to evolve into the state of awareness for unconditional love. We need to lose our egos. I was trying to explain higher principles through the limited use of language. We all have the same Self in us that is simply in our different bodies and we are at different degrees of awareness for this fact. I was an example of someone with balanced chakras. I said that I and my father are one (John 10:30). I meant that I had eliminated ego obstructions in myself. I meant that the spark of the Divine in us all was radiating strongly through me. The Divine radiates through you too. I became One inside. The spark of the Divine in me overcame my ego. An inner alchemy takes place where the Universal True Self subsumes the false self. You are no longer divided inside. You can become One inside. I merged with the essence of God. Again, we all exist differently in degree for this internal merger. Us martyrs have it tough. We realize that we are being killed for being a voice of our Collective Soul. Again, put another way, we are all part of One Same Soul differentiated into our different bodies and we are at different degrees for the seeing and knowing of this realization. Realizing this fact has been called Self-Realization.

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