Truth, Legend And Speculation About The Lost Years Of Jesus

The quotes and my commentary stem from the book, THE JESUS MYSTERY Of Lost Years And Unknown Travels, by Janet Bock. This article serves as a forerunner for my upcoming book.

The back cover of The Jesus Mystery advertises the book:

The Earth Trembled And The Heavens Wept At The Great Crime Just Committed In The Land Of Israel. For There Was Tortured And Murdered The Great, Just Jesus In Whom Dwelt The Soul Of The Universe. – Buddhist Manuscript, 1st Cent. A.D. Discovered in Tibet.

Jesus studies in India, Persia and Egypt covered much greater periods… Edgar Cayce

Being a perfect yogi Lord Jesus could perform many miracles. – Swami Sivananda Divine Life Society

God made Jesus Christ an Oriental in order to bring East and West together. Paramahansa Yogananda

Jesus Said That The Bread Taken At The Last Supper Was His Flesh, And The Wine Was His Blood. He Meant That All Beings Alive With Flesh And Blood Are To Be Treated As He Himself And No Distinction Should Be Made Between Friend Or Foe, We Or They. Every Body Is His Body, Sustained By The Bread: Every Drop Of Blood Flowing In The Veins Of Every Living Being Is His, Animated By The Activity That The Wine Imparted To It. That Is To Say, Every Man and Woman Is Divine And Has To Be Revered As Such.” – Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

We knew that Abhedananda had been a disciple of the famous saint Ramakrishna who was renowned in the 19th Century for attaining union with God through the spiritual practices of all major religions… (20)

Swami Abhedananda was fascinated by Jesus as a spiritual personage so after reading Notovitch’s book his curiosity was aroused and he decided to make the journey to Himis to see for himself. His visit takes an added importance because he was skeptical of Notovitch’s claim and his objective in making the long, arduous trek was to expose Notovitch. Also, he spoke the language and could communicate more easily and directly than the Russian. When he found that the ancient writings did exist he wrote about them in his Bengali book of travels entitled “Kasmiri O Tibetti.” (20-21)

Swami Prajnananda (a disciple of Swami Abhedananda): Yes. I am very interested in Christ. My guru used to say that He, Christ, was an Indian yogi. He wrote a book called “Was Christ a Yogi.” In that book he told that Christ was more than a yogi, that He practiced yoga and that He realized God as not only Christian, but Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and the God of all faiths. (22-23)

I became permanently aware of the Universal Consciousness that we share when I underwent my phantasmagoric vision seeing within a cloud different spiritual masters that was coupled with me hearing a koan from Zen, WORDS ARE TRAPS. This, of course, took me years of study and meditation to figure out. The knowledge and awareness that I am graced with expands on a daily basis. Words are approximations of reality. So I realized that I became aware of what has been called the Universal Mind or Universal Soul. I am still realizing what this is all about. Because I became aware of the universalness of us all I realized that the religions and traditions of the world have a universal thread of truth running through them. I have mentioned the book THE MYSTIC HEART Discovering A Universal Spirituality In The World’s Religions, by Wayne Teasdale many times on the internet. When I first read THE MYSTIC HEART I realized that this was our Universal Consciousness that became clear to me. My upcoming book will elaborate about our Universal Self and will be beneficial for humanity.

THE JESUS MYSTERY Of Lost Years and Unknown Travels, Janet Bock, 1980, Aura Books.

THE MYSTIC HEART Discovering A Universal Spirituality In The World’s Religions, Wayne Teasdale, 1999, New World library.

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