Reason has to be transcended to know and see Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Oversoul. Intuition or Super Intuition is where the answer lies that Self Realization or Enlightenment gets too. Enlightenment is beyond reason and is known in what I call the state of Super Intuition which, moreover, is beyond the reasoning ability of language. A nonliterate person can be enlightened because of character development and a highly active intuition. An enlightened nonliterate person does not have to read books before ground floor enlightenment or after. Nirvikalpa samadhi is the highest state of samadhi in which the aspirant realizes their total oneness with Brahman (God). When this state is legitimately achieved the achiever should be able to read hearts which is called cardionosis. Cardionosis is the Super Intuitive state that is tied in with seeing and knowing Oversoul. The cardionostic can literally and figuratively see and know the ego states (degrees of light) of others who are in person or distant from the perceiver. This is why it is called esoteric knowledge, that is, it is “individual” and beyond reason. It comes down to the saying: IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE.

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