Yes, Doug. I have always liked your posts. As most of us know, the clarification of the Jesus quote” Love God with your whole heart… love your neighbor as your Self” means that a person, in accordance with Nature, should deeply-deeply and truly surrender to God, that is, supplicate the personal Self to God (within and without) with the individual’s whole heart and/or being. This is true Self Acceptance and the beginning of true humility (the hardest spiritual virtue to achieve) because the True Self (God) of the individual (supplicant) is getting the personal small self out of the way and letting God take over. God is successful when a person does this. With this surrender, a person achieves great Self-Love and then is able to extend it to others at a higher degree than before the true surrender if there was any true Self-love. The rewards for this deep and rare type of full surrender come as needed. Yes, the true state of unconditional love, that most people never get too, keeps no scoreboard. This is not a worldly condition. Jesus said, I am not of this world.” Again, nice post Doug!

I add that the unconditional love that most parents have for their children should be extended to all of humanity, the earth and entire cosmos. If a person is an orphan, they are a special person who is here to teach Us about Our Self-Realization.

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