Developing Super Intuition

The goal of yoga, and for all authentic spiritual practices, is for one’s self to be in union with Universal Spirit. Put another way, the small self(ego) merges with the Universal Self or Universal Soul. The Soul then is mainly running the show through our particular personality. The Universal Self or Soul is our Divine Nature. Yoga is a higher mind activity that connects us to Super Intuition. The same Universal Soul is inside each of us. It is just in different bodies. This is the reality of our energetic and compassionate interconnection that we share with each other and the entire cosmos. The merging is really the removing of the obstructions contained in the individual ego that block the clear message of Love from the Soul. People are in truth energetically connected but many do not realize this fact. Love of self leads to love of others. The blocks to Love are removed through truthful self-examination by the yoga practice. This is a process of becoming purer and purer within one’s self. The asanas (postures) and breathing methods (pranayama) and meditation involved in yoga augment removing the obstructions so we are not divided (duality) within ourselves. We become One within ourselves and with everyone else. When we know our self, we know everyone else. We see the Universal Soul in action.

The state of non-duality is true and clear perception. The inner is the same as the outer. There is no censoring upon observation. There is no bias interjected. There is no good or bad. What is is perceived. When the Universal Spirit is grasped the Universal Spirit is seen in others and the degree to which others are obstructed is perceived. This is because the yogini or yogi has reached the roots of humanity and we are all part of the Universal Spirit, Self or Soul.

Yoga is character development. We will become more spiritually and physically developed by practicing yoga. The practices of asana, breath and meditation combined with truthful self-examination will lead to what I call Super Intuition if the practitioner commits and perseveres over time. The virtues of discipline, patience and concentration are developed within the yogini or yogi. Yoga has many styles of practice that lead to Super Intuition that fall under the umbrella of Hatha Yoga. My biography found on my blog explains what I did with yoga, exercise and study and how these practices led me to spiritual understandings. I lost much of my ego through stand-up comedy which was really speech education combined with honesty. I loved it. Doing activities that you love make you loving.

An example of how yoga connects one to the higher mind and eventual Super Intuition is practicing asanas that involve physical balance, although all asanas connect us to higher mind. When we practice an advanced asana or exercise we learn to connect our breath to what we are doing. We sense or feel into our body to find the balance point. While we are doing this we breathe slowly through our nose to remain calm. We do not talk to our self with cortex dialog when we are balancing. If we talk to our self it may throw us off balance. We are only in the higher mind activity of sense and feeling our balance. Concentration exercises like this that are pure feeling and combined with character development practices and honesty over time have an effect on the practitioner that make the person pierce the veils of illusion and we are able to perceive the Essence of what is truth that is beyond language and appearance. This is because we get to live or exist mainly in the higher mind. This is holographic perception. Holographic understanding instantly knows by perceiving patterns and relationships. This is the higher mind that bypasses reason or logical thought.

Practicing asanas, breathing, and meditation combined with exercise, study, and other activities that develop character lead us to see the Universal Soul in action. Knowledge, knower and known are fused and reality is comprehended without thought. We just know and if we do not know true perception can be known later. This happens after the ego has essentially merged or fused with the Universal Spirit, Self or Soul. The Soul is then basically running the show the majority of the time. This is holographic perception. This is Super Intuition.

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