The Development Of Cardionosis

The purpose of this writing is to explain that part of awakening to higher consciousness is to understand the ongoing process of becoming conscious of our self among others. The more conscious we are of our self, the more conscious we are of other selves. This is because we all have the same type of inner self. This is the Universal Self. Some call this God. Becoming conscious of our self is being conscious of our heart’s intentions. Consequently we can know the intentions of other hearts. Knowing the intentions of the hearts of others is called cardionosis. The basic ideas presented in this short writing are intended to be mentally and emotionally contemplated in multiple depths. Much disease will be prevented when this knowledge is implemented on a mass scale.

All the great yogis and saints have told us that the more we know our own self the more we will know other selves. This is because that within our self we have the human self and God Self or soul. Our soul is pure love. This is the same within everyone. The Universal Self. The deeper that we are able to go inside our self with honesty the more we are able to read the hearts of others who have not gone as deep. Cardionosis is soul site. In other words, this is an advanced intuitive ability. Honesty leads us to achieve greater and greater integrity in the ongoing formation of our conscience. Honesty is also knowing that we need to take care of our bodies as well as our minds.

In order to activate our advanced intuition we must reach a general state of integrity/honesty. This means that we have generally learned to know right from wrong. We are not perfect but we have formed a conscience that is continually analyzing the self and searching for flaws. Understanding the classic virtues are important here. We must in some way surrender our self to the Universe. When we have basic achievement of this state our soul-force awakens. Within our self we are merging the human self with the God Self(soul) and becoming balanced or unified or One inside ourselves. We are making the unconscious part of our self conscious with penetrating honesty. We search the remote back-reaches of our minds. Mental and emotional blockages will leave us here. This is where the soul or God part of us begins to take over our being and personality. This is referred to as the subtle body coming alive in yoga. The root of the word yoga means to yoke or unify. At this point we become more peaceful and happy.

­When we elevate our self with honesty it brings us to greater clarity and we are then able to see dishonesty and false notions in others. This is the beginning of cardionosis. Because we all have the same type of inner self and soul we literally can see old negative aspects of our selves in each other that were there before we elevated or improved. This is because our aspects are Universal. Because we elevated we can see where we have been and know how and where others need to improve.

This is where we begin to truly understand that we are not separate from each other. We are at the point of self-discovery or self-realization where we realize that we are energetically connected to each other. By observation we see and sense that we literally can and do make each other sick. We become conscious of our self among others. We realize how people make each other sick by being unconscious. This is what is meant by medical intuition. We become more interested is studying about our health. We understand our breathing. We experiment with our diet. We realize that we need regular movement and exercise. When we have general and specific knowledge about our own health we also have general and specific knowledge about the health of others. We integrate this knowledge with the rest of our knowledge in our emerging cardionosis.

At this point of integration or becoming balanced we are becoming multi-sensory. We understand our five senses better and become aware of multiple subtleties and nuances of perception that we would not have noticed or been sure of before. We are becoming more aware and we have more to deal with but the knowledge of the awareness makes us more comfortable and confident.

We need to instill in children that we are all connected energetically. Please imagine overhearing children at play saying: “We are all interconnected!” When we get to this point cancer, heart disease and other maladies will markedly be on the decline because we will be raising children with knowledge and feeling about their interpersonal connections with each other. Cardionosis will be a recognizable and accepted term in common social discussion. This will be an evolutionary leap in awareness and/or consciousness.

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